Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy, busy

I've been pretty busy lately with various things and haven't been able to take the time for my blog as I had been. Work has been keeping me busy with year-end activities, though it is actually year beginning since it is already January. It always seems to take all of January to get everything wrapped up, but it is starting to settle down finally.

Last weekend I was in NY at the Scony party, which was alot of fun. I got to enjoy time with friends and spank & be spanked. Get this....I told ya'll that I got some new implements, right? Well, I purchased them for me to use on other people, not to have them used on me! LOL. But as it turned out, I was spanked with my own implements before I even got to the party, which is SO unfair. But this is the spanking world, so is there ever any "fair" here? (note to newbies: This was consensual and was not against my will)

On the personal front, I'll be traveling again next weekend to the Chicago area for a family event. Then on two separate weekends in February, I am looking forward to welcoming a couple people into my home from out of town. I am excited that after all the traveling that I've done this past year, people are coming out to see me...Should be a blast.  I have fallen behind quite a bit in answering my personal emails- I think some of this is due to all the emails that I have been getting at work lately (between 100-150 a day), and when I come home I just don't want to look at another email.  I hope to soon get into an "email frenzy" and respond to those of you who have contacted me.

Plans are in the works for another video with Clare Fonda. I believe the shoot could possibly take place in just a few months, but none of the details have been worked out yet.  I will of course keep you updated.



  1. It's totally true: The spanking world is not fair at all! Why is that? I don't get it. But I think, somehow it has to be like that ;)

  2. Alicia i enjoyed your spanking on clares site Snow gave you big spanks love your blog ,love to hear girls talking of spankings ,love and spanks from tim xx