Friday, January 1, 2010

My new spanking implements!!!

Yes, they have arrived in the mail, and are deserving of a post dedicated especially to them! I can't wait to finally top with my very own implements instead of having to borrow other people's, hehe. But for now, they sit unused in my drawer until I make it out to the SCONY party here in a couple weeks.

I had been looking for leather paddles off and on for several months now, until I happened upon the Leather Thorn Paddles website, and found a couple that I really liked. 

I like this one because it is very feminine looking and cute!  I think it has a "stingy" feel to it.  And yes, I did smack myself with it (just once though).                                                          

It is all about the cute-ness factor for me.  Once again, I think this paddle is cute also, and it is kind of like a cross between a paddle and a strap.  I like the detailing on the paddle portion.  This one has a little bit of a THUD to it.


  1. John at Leather Thorn is a true artist. Enjoy !!

  2. These implements look very promising!

  3. Alicia i hope you have great New Year and enjoy your paddles. John

  4. Those are both gorgeous! You lucky girl!