Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm lying here in bed watching the snow fall.  It is pretty when you are looking at it from the inside out, but later today I'm going to have to get out and drive in it, ugghh.  Some friends and I are going to see 'Avatar' at the movie theater and I look forward to that because the special 3-D effects are supposed to be awesome. 

Next weekend I'm headed to NYC to stay with some friends and go to the Scony party.  I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't snow or anything else that would cause the flight to be cancelled.  I really need to get away for a little while because work has been stressful lately and there is nothing better than being with people who have like-minds and be able to unwind and have some fun.

March is pretty quiet on the travel front for me.  No trips planned so I hardly know what I'm going to do with myself since I'm not going anywhere all month.  April is the Spanking Weekend in the Mountains, the day after taxes are due!  This will be my third time going and I wouldn't miss it for the world.  My flights are booked and I'm pretty much all set.  I'll write a little about my experiences at these weekends sometime this week so you can get an idea of what goes on, and if you're interested in coming there is still time to sign up.