Sunday, March 14, 2010

April travels

March has been pretty uneventful as far as traveling is concerned- I miss it!  But April will definitely make up for it.  I leave on April 15th to the Spanking Weekend in the Mountains for 5 days of being totally immersed in the spanking lifestyle.  This will be my 3rd time attending and each time I never want to leave because it is so good to escape real-life and live my fantasy 24/7.  What I like best about this is the gobs of time we have to experience the real feeling of domestic discipline that can sometimes be very hard to accomplish during a 3-hour party.  The porch time is also nice because we'll get to hang out and talk with others of like minds.  The pic to the right is me in my St. Margaret's Academy uniform bought from French Toast.  On Saturday afternoon the Academy is in session for people who enjoy a "back-to-school adventure".

The very next weekend (April 23-25) I will be out in L.A. shooting with Clare Fonda, which I am looking forward to.  It'll be my second trip out and I hope the videos will turn out great.  I will shoot another full-length film and maybe one or two shorter ones that will go up on Clare's sites.


  1. I missed the last party because of the very bad weather. I really hope I get the days off in order to travel to the mountain weekend. And, I think I didn't tell you, but I liked watching you being punished. Rather weird feeling to see somebody being spanked in a movie whom I met in real life...

  2. Alicia, I hope you enjoy the spanking in the mountains weekend. I wish I could be there. I'm especially impressed with the OPTILAP style of spanking used:

    Old-fashioned: Days of the woodshed. Traditional domestic settings, attire, and implements

    Platonic: Authentic and caring discipline, not for sex.

    Traditional: Time-honored discipline.

    Institutional: organized, established, procedural. Instituted, as in rules and customs. Institution: a place where people are cared for.

    Loving: Spanking given safely and with respect. Measured, controlled, and rational for the benefit of the one being disciplined.

    Parental: Authority wielded for guidance and correction. Traditional values instilled through good parenting.

    Have a great time.


  3. Alicia, Alicia, Alicia,
    I must say that as a schoolgirl your uniform for St. Maragret's Academy is the perfect fit. Although I will not be in attendance this Spring at the Academy, seeing you in proper attire just reminds me of the fun and camaraderie that will be enjoyed by all this Spring in the poconos.
    And it's great that right after the Poconos you'll be on your way to the west coast to do some film making. We have a future star in our midst.
    I visited the Clare Fonda site and lo and behold there you were. Hey! I know that young lady.
    So I will regularly be checking your blog to be brought up to date on your adventures and what's going on in your life. Gonna rent out a room in the near future?
    Keep us posted.

  4. March: blah. April: yay! The weekend can't come soon enough. Look forward to seeing you and everybody else soon.

  5. Alicia,
    Enjoy the spring weekend. We will SO miss it, but will be going to Sante Fe for a wedding around the same time. Hi to Tom and Margaret. Enjoyed the two times we played at Scony parties. I am very sorry that I got in trouble with the student teacher (my fault) and had to attend your discipline sessions. For me it was a necessary rite of passage to be paddled after school for my mistakes. Not to mention my need to be spanked and talked to by an authority figure. I have enjoyed being a part of your evolution in this very special thing that we do. Good luck with the filming in LA. Wow!
    Mark (markedman2322)