Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My spanking roommate

Have you ever had a roommate that you wished SOOOO bad that you could spank?  Well I sure have!  I had always sworn that I would never ever have a roommate because of all the horror stories that I have heard, but against my better judgement, I succumed to opening up my home to my brother's girlfriend.

The arrangement was for her to rent a room from me for 1-2 months, which she did stick by, however I didn't see any rent money until 6 weeks into her stay because she kept coming up with excuses.  She continuously left her bedroom & bathroom doors open, which normally wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that she left all her clothes and things scattered all over the floor.  This was a problem because I have 3 dogs, one of which is a puppy who will chew and eat anything that he can get into his mouth.  So as you can imagine, he ate many articles of her clothing, which is not only bad for her (time for a trip to the underwear store), but dangerous for the puppy.  She left the front door unlocked on various occassions, which is just not a good idea no matter where you live (yes, even in the Midwest).  She had some guy using my shower without permission, among other things.  (*note - This is not my dog, just a pic I found on the internet: http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/77131-undies-scoffing-puppy-saved-by-operation)

She is only 19 years old, still a kid really, and didn't understand the meaning of responsibility.  Luckily she moved out without too much of a struggle because I so did not want to have to take legal action or anything.  It is soooooo good to have my house back to normal again.

Even though I told her on more than one occasion that she needed to stop doing things, I still always had a desire to just take her over my knee and give her a good spanking!  I could just imagine her face if I had actually done that!  All this makes me think of Clare's site that is dedicated especially to roommates...Maybe someday I'll be able to play this out on video, who knows. 

Roommates....Who needs them. 


  1. Love that post, Alicia, and I can feel with you. You should play that out once. I'm not female, but still could pretend to be your misbehaving roommate ;)

  2. She sounds like someone who could use some strict discipline in her life. I'm guessing she had no idea about your views on spanking.

  3. I believe we can arrange that, Urs.

    Brett - Your guess is correct! She had absolutely no idea about my spanking views. Maybe if I would have told her about it she would have left sooner? LOL!

  4. Alicia, Alicia, Alicia,
    When will you, if ever learn? You should have told her right from the getgo. If she behaves like a child than she should be disciplined as a child.
    Would she have left sooner? Hmmmmmmm.
    I guess it's too late now but be prepared in the future. It may not be the exact same situation but you must take matters into your own hands. Or some other implement.

  5. Haha, that could have been interesting. I feel your pain with roommates, ugh. Glad you got things back to normal.

  6. Alicia yes that would make a nice storyline on my spanking roommate ,that little minx shuld be spanked should be spanked and soon lol ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  7. This made me think of the comments you made about what a mewss my room was in this weekend and I got spanked for that and made to make my bed while you watched. I was embarrassed but it felt good. Man were you strict with me this weekend. I wasn't your roommate but I got it like the roommate should have. Thanks Ms. P

  8. I can assure, it sucks to be a misbehaving roommate of Signora Panettiere...