Saturday, March 20, 2010

Road Trip!

So much for no travels in March!  Yesterday when I got off work I just up and decided to drive to Dallas to see a friend for the weekend.  She is a bottom that I met in the scene and we are partners in crime when I am in my bottom mode.  Her and I have become very good friends and it is cool to come down and see her neck of the woods.  I got here at 3am this morning and am enjoying the change of environment.  Don't know what we'll do today, the weather is pretty chilly, windy, and rainy, but it is sure better than the weather back home - snow.  It is too bad that I couldn't have come down last weekend for the Texas All-State Spanking Party, but hopefully I will be able to go to that some other time.


  1. Alicia nice post glad you had a spanking good time with your friend ,love and spanks ,i shall enjoy your vids at Clares from tim xxx

  2. Alicia, the traveller!
    It's great to see you just get up and go. I do that myself from time to time. Whichever way my car is pointed I just go. I wound up in Montreal once. Didn't know anyone there. So I went to Quebec. Didn't know anyone there either. So it was back home.
    It's great that you're on Clare Fonda's site. Whenever I want to see you I just go there and see your rosey cheeks.
    Remember to keep us posted with your travels and adventures

  3. Hey Alicia , I live in the midwest too (im littleangelwings) on Spankolife. You seem "Normal" ha ha ha I guess that is never true with a spanko but anyways its always nice to find other girls in the scene who you can talk about this kinda thing with I am 20 and live in wisconsin. :) So yea feel free to add me I would love to get to know you better. Lol btw I read your roomate post hope that gets better