Tuesday, April 27, 2010

L.A. Report, etc.

This trip was extremely fast, but it was very good to get away.  I enjoyed the shoot and got to work with Snow Mercy again and Alanah Rae who I met for the first time.  Clare got enough content for 3 videos which will air on her sites sometime in the future.  Clips of my first video, "Aunt Bella", are still airing on Girl Spanks Girl, so I think the plans are to wait awhile before running the newest vids.

The scene with my script went well.  It was pretty cool to have the opportunity for something that I wrote to be made into a video.  But I'm thinking maybe next time I might just have a general scene idea with some key phrases and such instead of having to stress over memorizing lines.  We ended up not having enough time to shoot the entire script so we had to cut it a little sort, which is a little disappointing but I suppose there will be other opportunities.  That's one (of the many) drawbacks to living in the Midwest and not being local to L.A.

The reason it was so good to get away this past weekend is that I'm having problems with my "day job".  I've about had the last straw with it and am sooooo ready to just quit.  So being out of town and focusing of fun stuff was what I needed so that I didn't constantly have normal work on my mind.  There have been many, many times over the decade+ that I've been employed with the company I am at that that I have come to this same point of being totally unhappy.  A friend of mine said that since I keep reaching this point of unhappiness and frustration that maybe I have been making the wrong decision to stay, and now might be time for me to make the decision to finally leave.  It sounds good to me, though the fear of the unknown totally scares me.  The struggle right now is to just hang on until I can find something else, since I do have bills to pay.

So I'm in the job market and I would really like to take this opportunity to make a career change.  I've had a dream for a long time to pursue a career in some aspect of performing arts, but I've always been scared of failure and financial difficulties.  I suppose though that everyone has to take that risk eventually...to change, to be happy, and fulfilled.  I know a huge part of making this sort of transition is that I would have to move to where the opportunities lie.  There is nothing holding me back...but fear.  Ahhh...decisions, decisions.

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  1. I can tell you sometimes you need to take chances. I was not happy with my whole life situation anymore and quit a very well paid job in Switzerland to come here and start all over again. But I'm much happier now as I was before. So sometimes you need to make sacrifices in order to be happy...