Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video shoot this weekend

I fly out to L.A. on Friday for a video shoot with Clare Fonda this weekend.  I'm nervous in a different way for this shoot because I wrote a script for part of it and I really want it to turn out good and for people to like it.  It is a little different than the normal spanking video because there is more leading up to and following the spanking.  This is going to be very similar to my personal interest in spanking and my "head space" because there is alot of scolding and aftercare.  When I get back home I will let you know how it goes and hopefully be able to give you an idea of when it might be available to watch.  I'm excited!   :)


  1. I'm really excited too. I prefer when a video is a genuine personal expression of what spanking means to the actress, and in this case, also the writer. And the whole story, before and after, is what defines the spanking as something more than just a physical exercise. I think it's going to turn out great.

  2. You told me about that shoot. I like the storyline and I can not wait to see it! Because, I like spanking movies not only for the spankings, but I also like to see what happens before. The scolding and lecturing part is part of a punishment for me. That's why I can't enjoy "only spanking videos" too much.

  3. You're excited! They're excited! We're all excited! And so we wait.
    And we of course delight in seeing all that led to the spanking. A spanking on it's own is fun, but then it's over and that's it. So it's really nice to know what brought it on and to bring it to a happy ending.
    So we're all eagerly awaiting your video. Lights! Camera! Action!

  4. You are very cute and I hope you career, both as a spanking model and regular work goes well. :)