Thursday, May 27, 2010

Praise to a great photographer & artist

I recently did a trade shoot with a local photographer by the name of Ezhini.  He posted a casting call on Model Mayhem looking for a girl to model a vintage leather jacket and I responded with the hopes of using the images to develop my modeling portfolio.  He accepted and since I was driving from somewhat of a distance he offered to allow me to shoot a second theme if I desired.  I went out on a limb and brought up my desire to have images of myself as a "Top" so that I could promote myself as a professional disciplinarian (more on that in a later post).  Ezhini agreed to this and instructed me to bring anything at all that I thought I would need in order to make good images for this.

Ezhini did not know what all this spanking stuff entailed, so he sat down and talked with me about my interest in spanking and how a spanking session would actually go.  Although he would be termed a "vanilla" person, he took a real interest in this thing we do and made me feel extremely comfortable talking about it.

The end result was some absolutely fantastic images that really capture the emotions behind spanking, whether that be topping or bottoming.  Through our conversations he explained to me that his goal is to understand and capture the emotions so that it shows through in his photography.  I think he accomplished his goal during our photo shoot.  He really "got it"...he understood what spanking is all about to me and many others who are of the disciplinary bent.  And the funny part?  He didn't even get to his original purpose of the photo shoot (remember, lady in the leather jacket) because he became so engrossed in my spanking theme.  LOL!

I will definitely be shooting with him again sometime down the road and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to have photographs done in order to express a particular subject, fetish or otherwise.  Ezhini - art, design & photography is based in Wichita, Kansas and can be found on the web.

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