Sunday, June 27, 2010

Preview clips posted on SpankingTube!

As promised, two preview video clips have been posted to SpankingTube today!  I hope that you enjoy watching them.

Clip number one is entitled "Alicia Panettiere's Exercise Punishment".  In this video, I completed a self-spanking session that was assigned to me by my long distance disciplinarian for continually missing my exercise sessions.  The full-length DVD with a running time of 25 minutes will soon be made available for purchase on my website.

The second clip is entitled "Radical Treatment Package", and in this I play the role of a girl who has an addiction to pain pills and has sought out the help of a well recommended therapist.  Upon attending her first session she is subjected to this radical treatment.  The full length DVD has a running time of over 19 minutes and will also be made available for purchase shortly.


  1. You are off and running. I am sure we will see more from you. Just a quick question, do you find self spanking harder to do than having another spank you?

  2. Looks promising. I'll stay tuned even more ;)

  3. The expressions on your face are realistic for someone receiving a punishment spanking.