Wednesday, June 16, 2010


These last couple of weeks have been all about procrastination for me!  I planned to get up a post about my experiences at Florida Moonshine...Did that happen?  Nope.  Also planned to finish up with my website and get it launched...another nada.  BUT, I have been productive nonetheless.  I finished designing my step-dad's website and launched it, and I've done other odds and ins that needed to be done.

Now it is off to L.A. tomorrow afternoon.  I'll be there for a week and the plan is to shoot a couple of spanking videos and explore the mainstream acting scene a little bit.  Much of this trip will be spent simply networking, getting myself "out there", and possibly finding an agent.  I have my fingers crossed that I'll have some good opportunities that will come out of this trip.

I may even be able to snatch up some time on the plane rides to work on my website some more.  I'm designing it myself, with no school whatsoever, just self-taught from various tools on the internet.  If you are curious of what the general design might look like you can visit my "under construction" website at


  1. It looks good so far. Looking forward to content. Additionally I hope your "procrastinating phase" is over. You are a top yourself and know tops don't like that.... tsk tsk tsk. ;)

    Have fun in LA!

  2. I will have to assume that I can use this procrastination piece to get myself out of trouble the next time I decide to put off an assigned punishment which as we all know I am quite good at. I will get around to it Ms. P. I promise!!!