Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video Clips available for purchase on my website!

I have uploaded the entire clip series of Exercise Punishment onto my video store at www.aliciapanettiere.com.  The clips are priced between $2.99 - $5.99, depending on the clip running time.

In this series, I have missed my exercise sessions multiple times and my long-distance disciplinarian has decided it is time that I be spanked.  However, since he does not live close by, he has instructed me to self-spank.  Self-spanking is one difficult punishment to carry out because it involves inflicting pain on yourself and who wants to do that?!  But he makes sure that I am spanking myself hard and long enough so that I am well punished.  Throughout the clips, I speak of how the disciplinary relationship works for me, why I'm being spanked, and then talk about the punishment afterwards.  The spanking takes place over my shorts, bare thonged bottom, and bare bottom, using my leather paddle and wooden hairbrush.  After the spanking I am sent to kneel on the fireplace in time-out (while rubbing my sore bottom).

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