Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My birthday in NYC

Just getting settled in back in Kansas after my trip to New York City.  It was fun but man am I wore out!

My birthday was on Wednesday, July 7th, which is when my plane landed in NYC.  A couple scene friends of mine picked me up at the airport and drove me out to Long Island where I stayed.  One of them owns a boat and took us out in it for the afternoon.  It has been years since I've been boating and I really missed it.  My brother and I used to spend summers with our grandparents camping at a lake in Kansas.  They had a 5th wheel camper and a fishing boat, so we'd spend alot of time on the water.  Then that evening we ate dinner at a little seafood restaurant.

Thursday was probably my busiest day with going out to Staten Island to shoot a video with Kelly Payne.  This was my first time meeting Ms. Payne and she is a very lovely lady and I look forward to being able to shoot with her again.  The scenario of the video was Guardian/charge and I was in trouble for staying out too late and missing classes.  She spanks really, really hard and it actually brought me to tears for the first time on camera.  This should make for a pretty good video and I look forward to seeing it sometime in September on her website.

After this, it was back to Long Island to relax a bit and cleanup the raccoon eyes from crying.  Then in the evening I was off to the city to meet with a very lovely gentleman for a session and dinner.  We ate at the Inakaya restaurant and it was very good, I had the 5-plate robata tasting menu.

Friday late morning I tagged along to pick up a very good friend of mine from the airport and drop her off where she was staying.  By the time we ate lunch and visited a little bit it was time to head out to Jersey to meet Tasha Lee & Yoni of Bum Rap Productions and Crimson Moon.  I hadn't met them yet and it was a good evening of talking and getting to know them and meeting their two sweet doggies.

On Saturday it was back into the city to meet up with a friend to talk business and "other" business.  Unfortunately the "other" (spanking) business precluded the regular business because there was so much I needed to address with her!  LOL

Saturday night brought me to the Scony party in Greenwich Village.  There was a very good turnout and I regret to saw that I was not able to spank everyone who needed to be because of the time contraints.  Four hours sure seems like a long time but it really isn't when there are so many naughty individuals that need to be taken care of.  It was a joy seeing friends and meeting new people.  Ms. Margaret organized a spanking game where several of the ladies (Tops, switches, and bottoms) sat lined up and male volunteers climbed across our laps while we were swatting them.  Our goal was to keep them from getting all the way across, but we weren't successful in stopping any of them, though one gentleman lost his pants (not our fault), and another came real close to not making it, stating, "I cannot move, I cannot move!".  This was a fun game and everyone in the room enjoyed watching and laughing.

Sunday was very relaxing and I spent the whole afternoon and evening with a bunch of friends and we had a barbecue.  This was a very welcome break from all the running around and it was very nice to spend time with a bunch of good friends from the spanking scene.

That evening I rode the train into the city and checked into a hotel right on Times Square so that I'd be ready for a session that I had scheduled for early Monday morning.  Monday came and went with me boarding the plane that evening to go back home.  It is always hard to leave NYC because I have so many scene friends there and always enjoy being with them.  But I get out that way so often that I know that I'll be seeing them again before too long.

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  1. Sounds like fun and work. I know you enjoyed it though. I keep my finger crossed you stay busy with your business!