Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Video - "Anthea's House Rules"

I'm excited to be able to bring to you my very first full-length video production!  It was filmed on Saturday, July 17th, right here in Kansas.  Ten flew out from Jersey late Friday night and we started filming at 10am the next morning and wrapped up around 5pm.  I wrote the script but we just took the general idea and lines and improvised instead of memorizing it line for line.  

Ms. Panettiere.................Alicia Panettiere

The film opens with Anthea and Ms. Panettiere having a talk about the adjustment to the recent marriage of Ms. Panettiere to Anthea's father.  There hasn't been another female in the house since Anthea's mother passed away several years ago and she has gotten away with slacking on household chores and being disrespectful to Ms. Panettiere for far too long.  Therefore, rules are laid out, chores are assigned, and discipline is discussed.  As you can guess, spanking will be used as the punishment if Anthea misbehaves.  

The day after the talk, finds Anthea addressing Ms. Panettiere by her first name which promptly lands her downstairs getting a bare bottom spanking for her disrespect.  

She is later given a reminder spanking and sent to bed early so she can think about what she has done.  Ms. Panettiere lovingly tucks Anthea into bed and gives her a goodnight kiss.

Sunday morning, Ms. Panettiere finds out from the Sunday school teacher that Anthea cursed at a fellow classmate during church.  The scene opens with Anthea already attired in her disciplinary outfit and receiving a mouth soaping along with several good swats from Ms. Panettiere's hand.  

A hairbrush spanking follows this, and Anthea really feels the heat from the wood, as her body language obviously shows.  She almost jumps off Ms. Panettiere's lap!

Later that evening Anthea receives her bedtime spanking and some cuddle time from her step-mother, Ms. Panettiere.

Later that week, Anthea is out way past curfew and Ms. Panettiere is up late worried about her step-daughter.  When Anthea finally arrives home, she is surprised to find a very distraught Ms. Panettiere waiting for her.  Not only is she late, but she's also dressed very inappropriately for a lady.  Anthea is bent over and given several smacks with the ruler, and then taken downstairs for a very thorough hand spanking.  

This is a 6 part series, with clips one and two already available on my video store.  Watch for the rest of the clips and coming soon is the full-length DVD!  You may watch a 4 minute preview clip on the home page of my website.  The entire film will have a running time of well over an hour.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. hi there ,

    I like the look of the part where you spank Ten in her pyjamas. I will certainly purchase that if she is spanked over her jamas and she has no underwear below.

    i was disappointed that you were not spanked in your jammies in the vid Aunt Bella from Clare Fondas site. There you were looking wonderful in your jim jams and the opportunity was gone.

    Do you have any more plans for giving or recieving naughty girls bedtime pjs spankings at all?

    I Hope so.

    Good luck with your venture


  2. Hello Paul,

    She is spanked over her pajamas, then her white cotton panties, and then on her bare bottom. I do have plans for more pj spankings in the future because I enjoy a good bedtime spanking myself. They are the best. And I will keep in mind that you like no panties under the pjs and try to work that into an upcoming video.

    ~Alicia Panettiere~

  3. Congratulations Alicia! It's a great video and you both played your roles very well. I hope there is much more to come!

  4. I can only say that I wish that was me. Never had a bedtime spanking but hope to receive one very soon from my favorite disciplinarian.