Thursday, August 12, 2010

August L.A. Trip

My L.A. trip is winding down and I fly back home tomorrow evening.

Photo courtesy of Clare Fonda

I shot for 3 of Clare Fonda's sites while I was out here: Spanked Sweeties, Girl Spanks Girl, and My Spanking Roommate. Exclusive Education 5 will begin airing the first week in September on Girl Spanks Girl. In this epic film, I was the new teacher who spanked all the girls along with Lana & Clare Fonda, then at the end the girls get their revenge on us!

Photo courtesy of Clare Fonda

I also held a few professional discipline sessions. For those who don't know, I began accepting applications from people interested in me Topping them, and have been conducting professional sessions since January. What I enjoy most about this is I can meet with people who are not able to make it to spanking events for what ever reason, and I like to fulfill their spanking fantasies (as long as it is non-sexual). Click here to read more about my sessions, and apply for a session here.

Also, with the help of The Camera Man, I was able to get my video clips compressed so that they will upload onto clips4sale, so this will soon be another venue that you will have to purchase my clips.  I just need to do some boring paperwork type stuff with that site and then I will be able to accept orders.

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