Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today is September 11th, and I've been thinking about and remembering the tragedy that occurred 9 years ago today.  At the time it happened I was at work, sitting in my cubicle, when I heard my co-workers gasp and shout out.  I stood up and walked to the gathering around a lady's tiny television screen where we silently watched the second plane hit the South tower of the World Trade Center.  Nothing but silence, astonishment, and disbelief.  I cried at the time it happened and I'm crying right now while writing this entry.  Even though I was over 1,000 miles away from NYC, had never visited there and knew absolutely no one there at the time, I was deeply affected and my world stopped while I watched from my tv and listened to the radio and experienced the rush of a plethora of emotions along with the rest of America. 
Now that it has been 9 years since these events, I still think about it, especially this time of year.  Because of the spanking community I now know several New Yorkers and one of these happens to be a very close friend of mine who was directly involved in the recovery efforts.  This person has a difficult time every year around the anniversary, and I wish that I could do something, anything, to take away the pain and sadness that is still felt by this individual.  There are many, many others who still feel and experience the after effects of this unspeakable event, and my heart goes out to all of these people today.  I'm thinking about them and praying for them.

I've never been prouder of my country than I was that day.  I was glued to the news from my apartment in Kansas for several weeks following.  What I saw was tragedy, but also unity.  Politics were gone and in its place was compassion.  There were many heros that day and the days following.

I'm never gonna forget.


  1. I didn't have a close connection to New York in 2001. I've visited the city once before, like many other places too. I had not even a close connection to USA. It was simply a country to spend vacation at this time.

    But I too was stunned and shocked about what I saw that afternoon (Switzerland is 6 hours ahead). Everybody in my office stopped working, we were watching news and could not believe what we saw.

    Now I have a much closer connection to USA and New York, since I live here and have friends here. It might have intensified my incomprehension I have towards people who want to destroy the principles this country is built on. But I am sure they will never succeed. Thank god!

  2. Alicia we in the U.k.supported you they were so brave inNew York ,wow you have been spanking botties in ee 5 on girl spanks girl .love and spanks ,tim xx