Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to the States

Long time no blog!  Well, I'm back to the States and beginning to recover from jet lag, but I'm not yet back home.  I'm writing this from a friend's house in NY and will be back to Kansas on Wednesday evening.  I enjoyed my time in London and it was my very first trip overseas.  I arrived there last Tuesday afternoon, look a nap, ate dinner, then went to bed again- totally fun first day, I know.  Wednesday I had time to sightsee and I had great weather for it.  I hopped on one of those double decker tourist buses which drove around all the attractions and I took a bunch of pics from the bus.  Thursday & Friday were video shoots for a private collector (unfortunately these won't be released to the public though) and I got to meet some wonderful people.  Friday evening I was really feeling the jet lag because I ate dinner twice!  Once during London dinner time and again a little after midnight which would have been dinner time back home.  I was hungry both times and couldn't sleep, so hey what can I say, I just went with it, LOL.  Saturday was the main day that I had set aside to see private sessions and again met some great people.  Finally on Saturday night I slept really good and didn't wake up till 11am the next morning.  I hadn't slept all that great the rest of my stay probably just due to the jet lag I think.  So I had just enough time to pack up and get checked out of the hotel and to the airport.

I always seem to notice kind of "off the wall" types of things.  What sticks out to me is that everybody over there seemed to smell really good, especially the cologne that nearly all the men wore.  Then we have the funny U-turns that many of the drivers made.  What made these funny to me was that they would turn around in the middle of the road with traffic coming both ways.  Then some of the drivers didn't quite get their car turned all the way around so they were then facing the sidewalk blocking traffic and had to put it in reverse to get completely turned around.  This is one thing I greatly regret not taking a picture of because it is hard to explain it without a visual.  But in the States, U-turns are normally only allowed at intersections and it would be unheard of to block both directions of traffic while attempting the turn.  I just thought it was comical- I know, weird sense of humor.  :)

I just cleaned up my travel schedule, removing the trips that have already taken place and boy is it pretty bare now!  Nothing planned after October.  I think I'll take that opportunity to focus on getting head shoots done for mainstream acting and also getting the web design business off the ground.


  1. I'm glad you made it save back home and I'm glad you enjoyed your very first trip overseas.

  2. Glad you had a safe flight back Ma'am and thank you for disciplining me on Saturday, I really learnt a lesson and you were amazing. Hope you recieve all the pampering you wish for and have a relaxing time.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your stay in our country. The U-Turns you refer to are actuall calle "3 point turns"(forward,back and forward again), and are part of the driving test in the UK.The black cabs(the official cabs for London) are designed so they can actually perform a U-Turn even in London's narrow streets.There's another useless bit of trivia you can impress those back in the States with:)

  4. Great blog Alicia. Thank you.

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in my home town. and glad the weather was good for you. Americans always get a good welcome in the UK.....well it's easy really....you are so likeable !

    Check out my blog. I've just started it and need to put some original material on it.

    Anyway, bye for now.