Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Final 3 clips of "Anthea's House Rules" are up!

I've finally finished editing the final 3 scenes of "Anthea's House Rules" and they are now available on my website,  In these clips, you'll find a mouthsoaping, a very firm hairbrush spanking, and also a rulering.

Part 4 - This clip opens with Anthea being scolded for cursing during church.  She is given a mouth soaping and is spanked while standing up.  Then she is marched downstairs for a thorough hairbrush spanking.

Part 5 - Time for Anthea's bedtime spanking for cursing at church.  Ms. Panettiere gives her a firm hand spanking over her pajama bottoms, then white panties, and finally bare bottom.  At the end Anthea sits on Ms. Panettiere's lap and they hug.

Part 6 - It is past Anthea's curfew and Ms. Panettiere is up late worried.  Anthea comes home dressed very unladylike and she is immediately bent over to get swatted with a ruler.  Then she is marched downstairs to get a bare bottomed hand spanking.


  1. What a fabulous post Miss. It remeinded me very much of the session i had with you in London. I had contacted you to say i needed a disciplinarian to deal with me becuase i had been stealing when i was younger and oh boy did i get it. I was told off spanked hairbrushed strapped and paddleded. Each punishment was humiliating and i became that naughty little boy again. I soon learned the erroe of my ways and I was contrite and good for Miss.
    If people want to know more or miss allows it i will post my entire session. However I just wanted to say I have been spanked by many ladies, specialist spankers and pro dommes and this Lady is amazing. she gets into your head and makes you feel it in more ways than one. Without a doubt the best lady i have ever seen. Ridiculousllky gorgeous friendly but firm. I was in awe of her and i didn;t want to disappoint her ever again. Although my bum hurt i know she did it for my own good. Amazing.

  2. Wow!!! I was blown away by your treatment of this young lady. What I wouldn't do to be in her shoes!!! How does one get to act in a video with you? I have needed a spanking for quite some time and have done quite a # of things to warrant one but I thought this was well over for me once I came of age. I have been a very bad girland certainly have had fantasies where I get a bare butt spanking but I never guessed it could really happen again. I would like you to spank me but I would need to do something or the spanking would not make sense in my head. I recently did something really bad and I regret it but as one knows you can never take it back. It just is. Perhaps I should be spanked for this very thing. What do you think? Can I get a spanking for being a bad little girl?

  3. I'm always looking for people to be in my spanking videos. Male or female, Top or bottom, all shapes and sizes. If you are interested you can contact me privately and send me a message by going to:

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