Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Preparing to head out to Shadow Lane

Early Thursday morning I will board the plane to fly to Vegas for my 2nd Shadow Lane party.  I'm getting pretty excited for it - meeting people, getting to see friends, and having fun.  It is hard to believe that last year at this time was when I started to get my feet wet with spanking videos.  I met Clare Fonda as I was helping with the setup of the Scony vendor table, and that was when she said that she'd love to shoot with me sometime.  I remember feeling so excited for this opportunity, but not sure where all it would take me.  I've made quite a bit of strides since then:  appearing in several films with Clare, shooting with Chelsea Pfeiffer, Kelly Payne, Ten, Sarah Gregory, Lily Starr, and Mike Billa.

As for shooting at Shadow Lane this year, Richard Windsor will be doing an interview with me and I'll shoot with MikeNV (Fetlife tag).  I may also have the opportunity to shoot with others as time and the opportunities present.  Looking forward to a great time!

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  1. Hi Ms.Panettiere the SL party sounds so exciting have a safe trip and a wonderful time at the party.i am happy for you that you had all these amazing opportunities and you get to have many to you soon hugs from Jade