Thursday, October 21, 2010

SCONY Spanking Weekend in the Mountains - Day 2

Friday - Day 2

I slept in this day because I was up till pretty early in the morning.  More people had already filtered in by the time I got up and around.  3:00 was the official kick-off to the weekend down in the lounge area where an art class took place along with an ice breaker game.  This marked the start of St. Margaret's Academy where the bottoms that choose, can be the "students" and the Tops are "staff", and if the students misbehave the staff has the right to give them a discipline referral.  This lasted a couple hours and then it was dinner time.  We all eat together in the on-site restaurant that served us buffet style food, and during dessert the males and females were split up and Ms. Margaret gave a talk to each group separately about the ins and outs of the spanking fetish, protocol, and pointers on how best to have a good time.  After this everyone dispersed to freshen up and head back down to the lounge for the evening party.

When I got down to the lounge my eye caught a bunch of corsets hanging on a rack for sale by Lady Sabrina of My Lady's Toys.  She had a vendor table set up of all kinds of goodies:  spanking implements, panties, corsets, and toys.  I've been admiring the look of corsets for some time now but had never even tried one on.  I found a black one with a flowery pattern and blueish strips that I liked and Lady Sabrina allowed me to try it on.  I gotta say that corsets are not the most comfortable of things but they sure look pretty!  I ended up purchasing it and can't wait to wear it when I go to Arizona in November.

During the party I was able to spank several bottoms and even got spanked myself, LOL.  Mr. Camden ratted me out to another male Top that I frequently play with, and I got led back to one of the privacy cubicles and spanked, not once, but twice because I wouldn't tell Mr. Camden something I was supposed to say after the first spanking.  Of course they tell me that Tops don't tattle, they just "share information"....whatever.  Who believes that line?  Anybody?  Anybody?  Going once, going twice....

The party doesn't have an ending time, people just gradually leave as they get tired and head up to their rooms.  Once I headed up I was spanked and put to bed by Mr. Camden.

Monday, October 18, 2010

SCONY Spanking Weekend in the Mountains - Day 1

Thursday - Day 1

The Spanking Weekend didn't officially start until Friday Oct. 8th, but the option is extended to people to come early if they choose, and I always like to come on Thursday.  I flew into NYC late morning and my disciplinarian, Mr. Camden, picked me up with his van.  There were already two other ladies with him, and there was one more due in to ride with us.  While waiting for the last one to arrive, we parked alongside a curb in between terminals and waited while Mr. Camden rearranged our luggage.  I don't remember all the details other than I was feeling particularly "bottomy" and I was teasing Mr. Camden and he threatened to spank me right there at the airport.  But I figured this was just an empty threat and there was no way he'd actually do it, but boy was I wrong!  He brought me over his lap, right there with the side door open, my head sticking out of the van and he spanked my bottom good.  I was laughing hard and so was he and right in the middle of this fiasco, a man walked by on the sidewalk.  Apparently he just kind of looked out of the corner of his eye and kept walking by faster.  This was quite a start for the weekend, and we weren't even on the mountain yet!

It was about a two hour drive to get to the resort where the event is held and we did NOT get there without Mr. Camden having to pull the van off to the side of the road to administer spankings.  You see, the "problem" was that he was driving 47 miles an hour on a highway with a posted speed of 70mph.  His excuse was that with all the people and luggage that we had, the tires were over capacity and therefore he had to drive sloooooooowwww.  Never mind that we were passed by squirrels, deer, and amish people driving a Pinto.  My good friend was kindly informing him of the vehicle speed every couple of seconds, thanks to my GPS.  When Mr. Camden figured out where she was getting the speed from, he told me to turn the GPS off, but I refused.  This continued for a little while longer until he'd finally had enough and pulled over on the shoulder.  He spanked her first and then it was my turn for disobeying him.  He spanked me pretty hard and scolded pretty firmly as well.  So much so that the other van inhabitants thought he was really mad at me and felt sorry for me, LOL!  They'd just never witnessed me getting a discipline spanking before and it must have been a little different than what they are used to receiving.

Once at the resort, we were greeted by Ms. Margaret, Mr. Ryder, and a bunch of our other friends that were already there.  We got all settled in, ate dinner together, and then went down to the lounge where we sang karaoke.  A bunch of us female bottoms got together and sang, "We're Not Gonna Take It", by Twisted Sister.  It was a hit, the Tops got a kick out of it, but our stance of not taking it anymore didn't last long because several of us got spanked right away, including me.  Then right before bed, Mr. Camden dealt with me about one of my several outstanding issues that needed addressed.