Thursday, October 21, 2010

SCONY Spanking Weekend in the Mountains - Day 2

Friday - Day 2

I slept in this day because I was up till pretty early in the morning.  More people had already filtered in by the time I got up and around.  3:00 was the official kick-off to the weekend down in the lounge area where an art class took place along with an ice breaker game.  This marked the start of St. Margaret's Academy where the bottoms that choose, can be the "students" and the Tops are "staff", and if the students misbehave the staff has the right to give them a discipline referral.  This lasted a couple hours and then it was dinner time.  We all eat together in the on-site restaurant that served us buffet style food, and during dessert the males and females were split up and Ms. Margaret gave a talk to each group separately about the ins and outs of the spanking fetish, protocol, and pointers on how best to have a good time.  After this everyone dispersed to freshen up and head back down to the lounge for the evening party.

When I got down to the lounge my eye caught a bunch of corsets hanging on a rack for sale by Lady Sabrina of My Lady's Toys.  She had a vendor table set up of all kinds of goodies:  spanking implements, panties, corsets, and toys.  I've been admiring the look of corsets for some time now but had never even tried one on.  I found a black one with a flowery pattern and blueish strips that I liked and Lady Sabrina allowed me to try it on.  I gotta say that corsets are not the most comfortable of things but they sure look pretty!  I ended up purchasing it and can't wait to wear it when I go to Arizona in November.

During the party I was able to spank several bottoms and even got spanked myself, LOL.  Mr. Camden ratted me out to another male Top that I frequently play with, and I got led back to one of the privacy cubicles and spanked, not once, but twice because I wouldn't tell Mr. Camden something I was supposed to say after the first spanking.  Of course they tell me that Tops don't tattle, they just "share information"....whatever.  Who believes that line?  Anybody?  Anybody?  Going once, going twice....

The party doesn't have an ending time, people just gradually leave as they get tired and head up to their rooms.  Once I headed up I was spanked and put to bed by Mr. Camden.


  1. What's your problem with the sharing information part? Sharing information is essential in order to take good care about our bottom fellows. If we wouldn't you would feel "left out", I'm sure.

    I thought you knew better, since you top yourself, but in this post clearly you bottom side speaks, apparently...

  2. Hummm I think you are right Alicia it seems sharing information and tattling are one in the same. I was spanked by a certain top who said I was tattling when all I was doing was sharing information :-)