Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm an official plane crash survivor

On Thanksgiving morning, I had something really big to be thankful life.  Before I continue, I need to say that absolutely everybody that was on the plane, including myself, walked away from the crash unharmed!

We were headed to visit relatives for the day on Thanksgiving in my uncle's twin engine, 6 seater plane. The airport that we had to land at was kind of a rinky-dink little landing strip and nobody was on the ground that morning to correspond with on the radio  As we were beginning to descend, the front wind shield completely iced over in just a matter of seconds.  He had to land the plane by looking out the side window with my Aunt's help watching the other side.  My Aunt hollered out that he wasn't lined up with the runway from her viewpoint and he corrected.  By the time we touched down we were in the middle of the runway with not enough time to stop, and so the plane went onto the uneven grass for about 200 feet before finally coming to a stop in a small ditch.  The undercarriage of the plane was destroyed, but everybody inside was completely fine.

We were very, very, very lucky that it ended as it did.  Many things could have gone wrong and it may not have worked out with such a very happy ending.  I'm a little shook up over it still, especially this past Friday I was of no use whatsoever and did absolutely nothing all day long except for going to the casino for a little slot playing to help ease my mind.  I'm doing fine now and am kind of glad that I'll be getting on a plane in less than 2 weeks so I don't have much time to simmer with any fears of flying.  This will be a commercial aircraft, and I think my days of flying small planes are definitely done and over with.

I took the pic below with my iPhone right after I exited the plane.  It doesn't really show the damage to the undercarriage from the angle, but it was as close as I ever wanted to get to that plane again!

*Note to the plane/flying aficionados:  I photoshopped the FAA
registration number off the side of the plane in the interest of privacy.  :)

And now for more positive and upbeat news:

Saturday I did a video shoot with a newcomer.  Rich Spankman is definitely not new to the spanking community but he is to the video world!  He is local to Kansas City and in fact runs the KC Spanks Club.  He Topped me in the video and plays the role of my neighbor.  He brought alot of good verbal stuff to the video and he has such a cute little accent.  I came so close to postponing this shoot because of how I was feeling after the plane crash, but I'm glad I went through with it because it was alot of fun.  I'll be posting more on this new video in the days to come.  I can't wait to finish editing it!

A dialog/scolding scene from the video
Rich Spankman,  after shooting a spanking scene.
I think he was having a good time, don't you?

On that note, LOL, I am currently looking for more local people who are interested in being in my spanking films as either a Top or bottom, male or female, 18+, all shapes and sizes.  If you live in or near Northeast Kansas and are interested in being considered for a video please contact me, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. LOL, " cute little accent."

    Doing a video as you mentioned was a completely new experience for me. I loved it ! Thanks for your patience working with me. I had a blast doing the shoot with you. Yep, I kept smiling for some time after the shoot was over !

    On a more serious note. We are lucky the plane incident didn't turn into something worse. You have a lot of friends and you are special to us. Things turned out okay. As you mentioned, fly big commercial. They do better in rough weather

  2. I'm so glad you and everyone else weren't hurt in the plane crash. *hugs*

  3. Alicia thank God you were alright ,love ad spanks ,tim in uk .xx