Sunday, November 14, 2010

SCONY Spanking Weekend in the Mountains - Day 3

Saturday - Day 3

This day is always the most activity packed day of the Weekend.  St. Margaret's Academy takes place right after breakfast.  The Academy is a school-type atmosphere where short fun and informative classes are taught and the bottoms or "students" are watched closely by the Tops/staff.  If a student misbehaves, s/he is given a discipline referral which allows the student to pick from a list of discipline to be received, such as:  corner time, extra assignments, and of course spanking.  I functioned as a Top during the school and handed out a couple referrals, one to a student who attempted to give me a pen that shocked.  I did not fall for it because I had pulled that same trick on a teacher over a year ago!  He chose the wrong person to fool with that one.  I took him back and gave him a good paddling.

The classes change up each Weekend, and one of the classes this time was Debate.  The topic was, 'Should spanking be outsourced?', and it was Tops against bottoms.  Now even though I consider myself to be a lifestyle bottom, I was considered a Top for the debate since I was functioning as a teacher in the Academy.  All the Tops gathered to discuss our strategy and appoint 5 people to speak on our behalf.  From the get go, I knew I didn't want to be one of the speakers because I am absolutely horrible at debating- the worst.  But somehow I ended up as a chosen one and up in front of everybody.  As my turn came I began to realize that some of the other speakers had used what I was going to say and began to get worried.  Then it was my turn and I had pretty much absolutely nothing.  I stuttered over my words and it was a disaster!  So needless to say, this caused a tie, with the concurrence that I needed to be spanked for "throwing the Tops under the bus".  Now I wish I could say that I did that on purpose because it would make me look much better than to just admit that I really did just crash and burn.  Even though I can act & perform in front of people I so cannot speak in front of them.  After all was said and done, 2 people spanked me for this "offense", and I have to admit that for the rest of my time I was all Topped out and really only felt like bottoming from there on out.  But hey, there's no shame in that!

There was a couple hours free time that afternoon but during part of that Mr. Camden marched me into the woods for my exercise punishment for missing way too many sessions.  He walked me around the pond and I had to lay over his lap on a bench for a short spanking.  Then walked some more and I had to lower my pants and lean against a tree for the rest of my punishment, which was a hand spanking followed by a strapping with his belt.

After dinner was the final evening party of the weekend and a couple of us ladies put on our corsets that we'd bought from Lady Sabrina.  I even did some more shopping and bought a small flogger with faux fur and leather, which is very good for sensual play.

Speaking of the little flogger that I purchased... It got me in a bit of trouble!  I was instructed by another Top to go deal with a particular bottom who had been complaining.  I decided to be silly with it, and told  the bottom to bend over while I used the flogger, pictured above, to tan his backside...not!  I was doing this over his pants while the Top watched, came over to me, pulled a chair over and told me to spank him right or else I was going to get it.  I "spanked" him a little harder, but seeing as how this implement is really not meant to inflict pain of any sort, it wasn't hurting him and also did not satisfy the Top who was getting ready to spank me.  So he pulls me right over his lap, yanks my skirt up, and gives me a very hard hand spanking for disobeying him.  All this was done in front of everybody, and when it was over I was told to go spank the bottom the right way.  Which I did of course!

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  1. I still believe you did this at debate on purpose.... at least it felt like ;)