Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where've I been?

I know, I know...  It's been 3 weeks since my last blog post, so what've I been up too?  Well, let me start by saying that my disciplinarian did in fact punish me for not keeping up on my blog entries.  I kinda stopped in the middle of the SCONY spanking mountain reports and I'll continue that soon.

I've been up to kick-starting my vanilla acting career.  With all the spanking related traveling that I've been doing over the spring, summer, and fall, I hadn't had much time to give attention to what I've always dreamed of doing- and that is becoming a film and commercial actress.  I've started taking film acting classes which has been fun, insightful, and opened up networking opportunities for me.  Through the class I found out about an audition this Friday for ballroom dance couples to be in a ballroom scene in a feature film.  I'm excited to do this and really hope I get cast as a dancer, but if not I have decided to participate as an 'extra' so that I can at least get the experience of being on a movie set.  I've started submitting my headshot and resume to talent agents in the hopes of being represented and having more audition opportunities.

In just a couple weeks, I'll be filming a spanking video with a local spanko.  I'll be getting spanked in this one and I'm super glad to have found a few people in Kansas who are willing to appear in my videos.  BTW, if you are located in the Kansas area and are interested in being in a spanking video, whether Top or bottom, please contact me directly, I'd love to hear from you.

I will be in Phoenix Arizona in a week to attend Miss Chris' Sun Valley Spankos party.  While I'm there I'll be accepting private sessions and also have the amazing opportunity to conduct double and/or triple sessions with Miss Chris & Jenni Mack!  There also might be opportunities for some video shoots while I'm out there.  I'm really looking forward to this trip!  If you are interested in a private session with either me alone or with Miss Chris and/or Jenni, please fill out a session application.

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