Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost the end of another year

So Christmas is creeping up on me and I have no shopping done yet.  I'm feeling sick and seem to be coming down with some kind of cold:  sore throat, headache, fever stuff.  Today I had lunch with a friend and now I'm back home just laying around hoping that this cold will just go away before it gets worse.

Here is a pic of me and one of my dogs, Bailey.  This is what I woke up to a couple days ago, him wrapped around my head snoring - and man does he snore!  He makes it difficult to get out of bed because he's so cute all cuddled up against me.  He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  I know you enjoy seeing my lovely morning self.  We all look amazing when we get up don't we?  Haha.  I am so not a morning person!

Me & Bailey
I have Christmas get togethers with family and the December 31st will find me flying to NYC to spend time with some spanko friends.  I won't make it to Times Square on New Years Eve though because the New Yorkers don't want to fight the crowds, so I'll just be at a small party.  On January 8th I'll fly from NYC to L.A. to do some filming with Clare Fonda, and then back home on the 11th.

I'll be accepting session appointments during my stay in NYC & L.A. so if you'd be interested in having a session with me please fill out the online application form.

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  1. Small parties are better then big crowd ones, imo. Trust me, you don't want to be at Times Square at New Years Eve.