Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mister Spankman's Neighborhood

The newest clips in my video store are a new series that I have titled, "Mister Spankman's Neighborhood", which features me getting spanked by video newcomer Rich Spankman.  I met Rich through the KC Spanks Club which he runs out of Kansas City, Missouri.

The premise of this series is that Rich and I are neighbors, and my younger sister has been placed in my care and he has a daughter that is friends with her.  The problem is that my sister constantly gets his daughter in trouble and is a bad influence and Rich thinks it's about time that I started taking responsibility for her discipline instead of letting her run amuck.

Part 1 - Rich stops by Alicia's house to have a discussion with her about her sister's behavior and Alicia's lack of responsibility for it.  Alicia is asked to consent to a spanking for her irresponsibility and she agrees to it.  She is then made to fetch her dining room chair and bring it into the living room for her spanking.  Rich takes her over his knee and gives her a couple swats over her jeans.

Part 2 - The hand spanking continues in this clip with more over Alicia's jeans and then over her panties.  Then it is time for Rich to "get to the bottom" of this, so he peels Alicia underwear down and the spanking intensity increases.

Part 3 - The spanking continues and the camera angle switches to an above shot looking down, and then a close up shot of Alicia's bottom.  More hand spanking in this one, and then Rich introduces the totally wicked hairbrush.

Part 4 - The spanking is 'almost' over, but first Alicia must kneel down on the fireplace to receive the last of it with a wooden spatula.  

Please won't you be my neighbor?  
Ummm, I'm not sure I want to be your neighbor Mister Spankman.  I want outta this neighborhood, anybody want to trade houses with me?  LOL!

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