Thursday, March 17, 2011

New website for the KC Spanks Club!

I just finished designing the brand new website for the KC Spanks Club!  This group has been around for somewhere between 1 or 2 years now, and caters to spankos in the Missouri & Kansas area (though people from other areas are welcome too).  Rich Spankman is the owner of the group and I've been working with him to find out what his vision was for the website.

Rich wanted a site that was pretty basic and informational, so that's what I created.  Check out my actual hand on the "Home" menu button.  Up until now, the club has had a Yahoo! group, which will continue to be used to share information, make announcements, and for general banter with club members.  But Rich and I both are excited to present the website as the group's main source of club & event info, as well as an avenue to get the word out even more about this great club!


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