Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Directed Self-Spankings

Plain old self-spankings don't do anything for me.  Doesn't get into my headspace, and I can't hit myself very hard.  In one word:  Pointless.

So when my Daddy (long distance disciplinarian at the time) approached me back when about doing webcam, directed self-spankings as a form of discipline, I was extremely cynical.  I didn't refuse, didn't safeword, but I told him, "It's not gonna work, but I'll try it".  We tried it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

We used Yahoo IM when we first started doing this a couple years ago, now Skype works best for us.  Basically since he lives in NYC and I in Kansas, we needed a viable punishment option to use when we're apart.  I don't remember the specifics of the first time we did this, but I'll give a general overview of how it works for us:

I pull the console table from behind the love seat to the side so that when my laptop is sitting on it the arm of the love seat is in full view since this is where I will bend over while I'm administering my own spanking.  I've been instructed to have all my implements out and nearby so they are ready for use.  I'm expected to have all of this set up before the time of our 'meeting'.  The agreed upon time arrives and we meet up online with our webcams.  I sit down in front of the webcam while my Daddy talks to me about why I'm getting this spanking and scolding me for being bad and misbehaving.  He makes me look directly into the camera so that he's sure he has my full attention.

When it is time for the spanking to begin, he instructs me to stand up and bend over the couch.  He tells me that I had better spank myself as hard as I can or else we'll start all over again and it will be longer and with more implements.  He normally has me begin over my pajama bottoms with my hand, and when he's ready he has me lower my bottoms and spanking over my panties.  He is scolding and directing me all the while, such as "spank harder, get some on the thighs, faster".  Next my panties have to be lowered and I continue to spank myself on my bare bottom as he now gets to watch my bottom turn from pink to red.  This is when he tells me to use some of the implements that I've placed nearby on the dining room table.  It starts to really get difficult here because now it really hurts.  It takes submission to a whole new level when you are required to submit to spanking your own self as hard as you possibly can.  If I was to refuse, stop, or spank too lightly, I would get in even more trouble.  Also, the threat is there that if I don't do it right alone in Kansas, that the next time I'm in New York he will make me self-spank in person AND give me a spanking himself!

Once I've made it through the implements, I'm sent to stand in the corner with some more 'talking-to' to make sure I've learned my lesson.  The way my house is arranged, the laptop can also catch me in the corner from where it was placed for the spanking.  So he can ensure that I'm standing still, with my arms at my side, and not fidgeting.

Below is a video preview clip of an actual self-spanking session with my Daddy that took place in August 2010, while I was in Los Angeles (filming for Exclusive Education 5) and he was at his home in New York.  I had continued to use what he deems as "Unladylike" language, and he was ready to put a stop to it, so I was told to be ready to be punished that evening when he called.  He did not know that I was recording it at the time, but I told him after the fact, and he gave me his permission to post the video (after he'd seen it first).  If you're interested, the full 9 minutes can be found on my website.

What do I get out of it?  Even though he is not there in person giving me the spanking, the mental & emotional aspects of it are still there since he is scolding me and telling me what to do.  The spanking does not stop until he's satisfied that I've been thoroughly punished for my behavior.  Also, the extreme submission that is required in order to inflict pain on my own self, knowing that it has to be done...or else.

Goes to show that you should try everything at least once because you'll never really know, you just may find that you like it after all.  I sure didn't think I'd get anything out of it, but I was wrong.  You can't lose anything for trying, but you can open yourself up for the possibility of gaining something good.


  1. That's very interesting insight on the subject. Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a wonderful time in NYC!

  2. Thanks Lea. So far so good in NYC. Today is a video shoot, and then this weekend I don't have any plans, so I'm a free woman!

  3. Selfspanking! many people don't know that this is wonderful!