Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Episode #2 of Mister Spankman's Neighborhood: Clean Up Your Act!

The next recent video series that I've added to my online store is "Clean Up Your Act", episode #2 of the Mister Spankman's Neighborhood series featuring myself in the bottoming role (primarily) and Rich Spankman as the Top, with a little switch action going on.

I did 2 preview clips on SpankingTube for this video.  The one above is the 'normal' preview that most people perusing SpankingTube like to see - just spanking.  The following preview I did just as a special treat to show a little of the fun side of the video.  It includes the full intro where I remade the Mister Roger-esque theme where he changes his sweater & shoes, and then a small piece of the fun dream sequence that is in the video.  The above was rated 4 stars, the one below a measly 2 1/2...Ah well, I suppose not very many people appreciate creativity and a sense of humor  :(.  Regardless, the second preview is a bonus and there if you'd like to watch it.

I'm going to tell something embarrassing on myself here and admit that there is a sliver of truth behind this video.  Nobody wants to admit these types of things about themselves for fear of what people may think of them.  I've been self-employed for over a year now and quite often I am working out of my home with no reason to leave the house for days at a time.  If I don't have any plans for the day that include leaving the house I have been known to stay in my pajamas and not shower all day long.  I mean, what's the point, eh?  Pj's are sooo comfortable!  I also struggle with keeping up on my house chores & cleaning, even though I'm home most of the time it is just not fun to clean and it's hard to get motivated to do it.  Since these are issues that I have myself, and I know there are others out there that experience these things, I thought it would be a good topic to address in a video.

In the second episode of Mister Spankman's Neighborhood, Mister Spankman catches Alicia's dog running loose in the neighborhood and brings him back to Alicia's house.  When he arrives, he sees that her house is a mess and it appears that she hasn't showered in awhile.  Alicia is not taking care of herself and needs to be dealt with.

Part 1 - Mister Spankman lectures Alicia about her responsibilities to herself.  While Mister Spankman speaks, Alicia spaces out and dreams of taking him over HER knee for a change.  You will see Alicia spanking Mister Spankman over his pants with a bathbrush, and Mister Spankman spanking Alicia over her pants and then on her white cotton panties with his hand.  This is a great "switch" video to watch!

Part 2 - Alicia's white cotton panties are lowered and the spanking continues on her bare bottom.  Finally she is sent to clean herself up and take a shower, after which she has to report back to Rich for the second part of her spanking.  Alicia is now attired in a bathrobe and wet hair as she receives the culmination of her spanking from Mister Spankman.  All spanking is done with the hand.

No, the shower is NOT shown on camera...Sorry folks!


  1. The clips look great. Gotta admit, the idea that you stay in PJs all day is really cool. Especially if they're dropseat variety. :) Keep up the great work.

  2. Looks like a great video! LOVE the dream sequence, LOL! And who wouldn't want to stay in pajamas all day if they could? ;-)

  3. Alicia,

    You're a blast to work with. Best of luck with all your endeavors.

    Oh yeah, I hope you're out of those pjs, it's late afternoon ! ( LOL )


  4. Alicia ,yes the clips are good ,like the new one at Girlspanks girl with you and another girl spanking Snow ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  5. @Rich Spankman - Oh, I was most likely in my pj's at the time I wrote this blog posting. And I'm definitely in my pj's while writing this comment, but it is normal pj time at 10pm. :)

  6. @BlackVelvet007 - Too hot for the drop seats, come winter time I'll be adorning them though.

  7. @Tim - Which one was that? Were we all wearing pj's?? I think that's what we were wearing in that one. How appropriate to go along with this posting, LOL.

  8. yes Alicia i think you girls were Snow was giving you all big spanks on your cute botties oooyahs,love ad spanks ,tim xx