Friday, September 2, 2011

Salt Abuse with newcomer MJ

I've got a couple new video clip series up on my website that I've yet to blog about.  I'll start with Salt Abuse, which features myself and MJ, who is a newcomer to the video scene.  The following is a short preview clip.  The entire series can be purchased from my website,

Salt Abuse is a 5 part clip series.  It was a real-life discipline taking place between MJ and his "Auntie" due to him continually violating his salt intake.  This is the third time that he's been punished so Ms. Panettiere has to make it pretty severe, so implements include: hand, hairbrush, leather strap, slotted wooden spoon, belt, and bath brush. Additionally, he's made to write lines and stand in the corner.  MJ was a trooper and took a very hard spanking, and Alicia Panettiere's caring heart shines through in this video series.

I met MJ in November when I flew to Phoenix Arizona for Miss Chris' Sun Valley Spankos party.  He is very good friends with Miss Chris & Jenni Mack, and so the two of them introduced me to MJ.  He and I seemed to 'click' right away and became good friends as well.  It seemed to naturally flow into where I would take on the "Auntie" role with him anytime that I would spank him.  I suppose it is not really a role as in roleplay, but it is more inline with what a D/s relationship is, which is the best way that I know how to explain it.  I care about him and want the best things in life for him all the time and when I'm relating to him be it through a phone call, email, spending time together in-person, or spanking him, I am his Auntie the majority of the time.  He doesn't always call me Auntie but he certainly does if he's being scolded or spanked for a misbehavior.

MJ had expressed a desire some time ago to be in a spanking video, but with him in Florida and me in Kansas it was pretty difficult to make it happen right away.  Finally when I was out in Florida in June we made it happen.  I brought my equipment along and we talked to try and come up with a scenario idea for a good video.  The day we planned to shoot, he confessed to me about his disobedience with salt intake and I had to think no more for a scenario.  We no longer needed a scenario with this real-life situation that needed to be addressed.

I sat MJ down at the beginning and we had a long talk about what his rules are regarding eating salt, what had happened in the past when he'd broken those rules, what was getting ready to happen now, and why it was so important for him to obey the rules he'd been given to govern his salt intake.  He was made to write lines which he tells me he's never had to do before, and then the spanking began.

MJ was given a very harsh punishment spanking because this was his 3rd offense.  This was actually my first time of personally dealing with him on the topic, but I consider him to be a good friend and I do not want to see him doing things to his body that are not healthy.  None of us want to see someone we love engaging in behaviors that are harmful to themselves.

He cried quite a bit while the spanking was happening and was very remorseful.  Once it was over he was made to stand in the corner with his bottom on display for 20 minutes.  The corner time was hard for him to endure, but just like the spanking, he made it through.  After it was all done and over with we cuddled.  

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  1. Excellent vid!! You make a good, effective, caring, credible disciplinarian!!