Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big shoot on Monday!

The big day is quickly approaching!  I'll be picking up Kat St. James at the airport on Sunday night so she'll be here for the video shoot on Monday.  My nerves are definitely kicking in.  This past week has been pretty busy for me as I had to fill-in as receptionist at my step-dad's business, which took away from alot of my last minute preparation time.  I've had some upper & middle back pain which left me trying to do various things to relieve it but finally it seems to be getting better.  So now I'm kicking it in high gear to do some tidying up in the rooms that we'll be shooting in.

I think I'm actually growing to really like the production/directing side of the videos, maybe even more than simply being in them.  This is the 2nd custom video that I will have done and I hope to have the opportunity to do many more in the future.

This film will be called, "The Younger Step-Mother", and the basic scenario is that Kat is the 20 year old Step-Mother and I her 28 year old step-daughter who is very immature for my age and highly lacks respect for my much younger step-mother.

The client wrote the script, and one other thing that is included is the premise of getting in trouble for leaving skid marks in the panties.  There won't be anything shown, just verbal references and the act of Kat "inspecting my panties".  This particular item is not in my headspace and not my style at all.  But I am wanting to hear from my fans about what you would like to see.  I will be making this film available for purchase, but my plan is to edit out the parts that reference skid-marked panties because of my personal preference.  I'm interested in hearing what you think on this.

Fans:  Please comment on your preference.  Leave skid mark references in the film or edit all the skid mark references out of the film that I make available to the public?