Monday, March 18, 2013

A party and a video

Last night was the KC Spanks Club house party and it was a hit.  There was plenty of play going on and gobs of food to eat.  I played several times, even gave one guy his first 'real' caning and he was surprised at how much it hurt and the type of pain caused.  I personally don't like to get caned but I LOVE to cane other people.

Some of us arrived before the party to film a video for my clips4sale store.  Rich Spankman and badsherri starred in the video and I got to be completely on the other side of things for a change in that I directed and filmed it without having to worry about rushing back in front of the camera.  The spanking takes place in a real country-fied woodshed, with an antique car used as a prop for part of it.  The video involves a hand spanking and a caning for leaving rude comments on videos and blogs.  Below is a preview clip.  The entire video can be purchased on my clips4sale store.

Friday, March 15, 2013

If I Only Had a Brain

This subject has been talked and talked about:  People who say off the wall, dumb stuff and expect you to actually respond favorably.  Every so often Erica Scott even has a 'Correspondence Hall of Shame" where she writes out what they said and how she replied.  When I get such correspondence it sometimes makes me laugh, or more commonly I roll my eyes and hit 'delete'.

My most recent one from someone I don't know:
Hey sexy, where would you like to chat?  Here or on Yahoo.
When I didn't reply, he says:
Do you want to chat?
Now logically his second message should have been the first.  But in his mind he just knew that I was jumping at the bit, head over heels wanting to chat with him.  I just deleted his two messages and went on about my day.  It would be nice to have an introduction first. You know, "Hello my name is _____ etc. etc.

In my own experience it has been 90% males who send these messages.  Very rarely do I get a dumb message from a woman.  I could bang my head against the wall and fracture my skull trying to figure out why some guys send these types of messages.  Are they stupid?  Did they have a small lapse in brain activity?  Are they just arrogant?  Is their junk thinking for them?  Do they even realize how what they are saying comes off?  My bet is they have no idea how weird they sound.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wishing Spring Was Here

Alot of changes have gone on in my life.

  • Moved from Topeka, Kansas to Independence, Missouri
  • Became sick and can no longer work a full-time job (now getting social security)
  • Have been in and out of the hospital since the end of August
  • Within the past week I've shot some video content
I'm excited about the new videos that I have for you.  Nude Self-Spanking is one and it's exactly what it says.  This is the first time ever that I have gone nude in a spanking video, so it wil be a treat for those that like that sort of stuff.

Another video features a newcomer to spanking videos, badsherri!  This one is called Girl Talk and is about 2 best friends talking and spanking comes up.  Sherri admits that she likes it when her mom spanks her.  I offer to spank her if she wants it and she jumps at the chance.  There is spanking with hand and wooden spoon in this one.

I'll be filming another one this weekend which features 2 people and I get to direct and video tape only.  I look forward to being able to fully concentrate on directing because acting & directing gets pretty tough to handle both sometimes.

I also get lots of requests for a video of me scolding, so I made a short clip.  This is aimed at males, but I'll be making another that is aimed at females.