Monday, March 18, 2013

A party and a video

Last night was the KC Spanks Club house party and it was a hit.  There was plenty of play going on and gobs of food to eat.  I played several times, even gave one guy his first 'real' caning and he was surprised at how much it hurt and the type of pain caused.  I personally don't like to get caned but I LOVE to cane other people.

Some of us arrived before the party to film a video for my clips4sale store.  Rich Spankman and badsherri starred in the video and I got to be completely on the other side of things for a change in that I directed and filmed it without having to worry about rushing back in front of the camera.  The spanking takes place in a real country-fied woodshed, with an antique car used as a prop for part of it.  The video involves a hand spanking and a caning for leaving rude comments on videos and blogs.  Below is a preview clip.  The entire video can be purchased on my clips4sale store.

1 comment:

  1. Much to my surprise, I've learned to really love the cane. Great video, nice job!