Friday, March 15, 2013

If I Only Had a Brain

This subject has been talked and talked about:  People who say off the wall, dumb stuff and expect you to actually respond favorably.  Every so often Erica Scott even has a 'Correspondence Hall of Shame" where she writes out what they said and how she replied.  When I get such correspondence it sometimes makes me laugh, or more commonly I roll my eyes and hit 'delete'.

My most recent one from someone I don't know:
Hey sexy, where would you like to chat?  Here or on Yahoo.
When I didn't reply, he says:
Do you want to chat?
Now logically his second message should have been the first.  But in his mind he just knew that I was jumping at the bit, head over heels wanting to chat with him.  I just deleted his two messages and went on about my day.  It would be nice to have an introduction first. You know, "Hello my name is _____ etc. etc.

In my own experience it has been 90% males who send these messages.  Very rarely do I get a dumb message from a woman.  I could bang my head against the wall and fracture my skull trying to figure out why some guys send these types of messages.  Are they stupid?  Did they have a small lapse in brain activity?  Are they just arrogant?  Is their junk thinking for them?  Do they even realize how what they are saying comes off?  My bet is they have no idea how weird they sound.

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  1. It really makes me wonder if on occasion they DO get a good response out of an idiotic message and that's why they continue to send them. I don't get it either, but some of them do make me laugh.