Friday, May 3, 2013

Time for a positive post

After the last 2 posts of mine you may be wondering if my blog is going downhill.  I promise that won't be what I talk about from here on out.  I just found myself wanting to dispel some myths and be somewhat of an advocate for myself and others.

I find it hard to find topics to write about when I don't have much spanking play in my life.  Are ya'll interested in the purely vanilla activities?  I don't want to bore you, so please comment or vote 'More please' if you would like me to blog even if it's just vanilla things.  After all this is supposed to be a kinky blog.

I'm looking out my window and see freakin' snow on the ground in MAY!  This is quite irregular to see snow past March in Kansas.  Geez, I've always wanted to have a winter-like summer day in May.  This is just ridiculous.

Yesterday I saw the movie, "Silver Linings Playbook" and it was cute.  I found Jennifer Hudson, Julia Stiles and Bradley Cooper all to be pretty hot (there is the bisexual in me coming out, lol).  It put me in the mood to do a little ballroom dancing so I'm going out tomorrow night to a dance party at one of the local studios.  Then I went to a DBSA group meeting and came home driving 40 mph on the highway in a May snowstorm.  There were plenty of wrecks along the many idiots that don't adjust their driving to fit the weather conditions:  drive slower, stop sooner and leave more space between the car in front of you.

I'm counting down the days until my vacation on May 30th.  I'm going to Phoenix Arizona to visit Miss Chris & Jenni Mack, attend the Spank University party, do some vacation-y stuff and maybe get together with Lance DelToro who I haven't seen in awhile.  I'm hoping to be able to rent a convertible for a reasonable price cause that would just be awesome.  Priceline Name-Your-Own-Price, here I come!


  1. Not sure if I ever told you. I was convinced by friends to write a blog after I moved to New York. Well, I did. Kind off. I never really liked to write much, plus I found it hard to find things I thought it was interesting to read about. If I imagine this had to be reduced to kinky activities only, I would have failed even greater as I did with my vanilla blog. Last post was pretty much one year ago...

  2. Keep blogging, please, even if it is vanilla! For many of us, the scene is only a part of our lives. I think of a blog as a mostly one-sided conversation, but better than no contact at all.

    Enjoy your vacation and I hope you can find a convertible. Nothing like the wind in your hair...

  3. I still like reading updates here and there, vanilla or otherwise. I heard a few people mention that movie lately and really liked it. I hope you have fun in Arizona!

  4. Keep your head up. Better days are ahead. It is smart to take care of yourself once and awhile.